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Friv Parabirds HD

Parabirds HD is a defense game. The birds are attacking the Beavers! Flying above, they're bombarding you with their elite paratroopers! Get on board the Beaver Cannon and shoot...

Friv Parabirds HD

Parabirds HD is a defense game. The birds are attacking the Beavers! Flying above, they're bombarding you with their elite paratroopers! Get on board the Beaver Cannon and shoot...

Friv Mini Golf Islands

Mini Golf Islands is a sports game like no other. You have to hit the golf ball into the hole like many others. However the stunning graphics and unique holes make this game tru...

Friv Mafia Kills

Mafia Kills is a physics-based 2D shooting game where you fire super-bouncy bullets to eliminate all the bad Mafia guys in each level. You have limited number of bullets in each...

Friv Mini Golf Wild West

Mini Golf Wild West is a fun fantasy packed Mini Golf Game set in the wild west. With 20 challenging levels to complete, You start with some basic puts to get the hang of the ga...

Friv Back To The Future Clock Tower S...

Drive the Delorian in this Back to the Future 25th Anniversary Tribute game. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Patrick the Post Man

Patrick works as a post man in bikini bottom. He has to send all the mail to bikini bottoms citizens without losing any mail. Let's help Patrick to complete this task! Use your ...

Friv Crazy Valet

Drive fast cars and drift in style to unlock new levels and cars! Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Friv Taxi Dubai

You run the fastest taxi service in Dubai, cruise around the city. Collect your passengers and drop them off at various locations around the city. Each passenger will give you a...

Friv Montreal Mobility

Try to find the electrical source to recharge your mobile device in 8 fun levels! Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Friv Run Shinchan

Today Shinchan is going to his pet's home to give some food. So lets help Shinchan to reach the destination as soon as possible without touching any obstacles like chairs, sofas...

Friv Jacko In Hell

Jacko needs to find the final element that will wake the spirit of Halloween. A dark and addicting adventure game. Controls: W,A,S,D or ARROW keys to move around, jump or crouch...

Friv Crazy Hangover 3

A ridiculous adventure of excessive proportions. Find out what happend to Ted and the Pyroguys in this point and click game. Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Friv Paper Venture 2

After escaping from the pit, tiny alien sucked himself into a portal and now stuck in another new world full of dangers and you need to help him to get out of there. Use your mo...

Friv Red Runner

Red Runner is an infinite flying game where you use the mouse to steer your doomed rocket through a streaming world of missiles, obstacles, gravity wells and more! Use your mous...

Friv Underwater Treasures

Treasure Hunter sent a bathyscaphe on a thrilling journey to the seabed. You have to remove all obstacles to collect all the gold coins, diamonds and precious stones. Think well...

Friv Epick Adventure

In your adventure, you face everything along your path. Slash your enemies and save your friends/ the meek. Fight monsters like dragons, zombies, minotaurs, succubi, and pirates...

Friv Spiderman - Save The Town

The Green Goblin has cloned himself and is planing to attack the town. Help spiderman with his super powers to defeat the Goblin's clones and save the town from all dangers. Def...

Friv Night Of Zombies

Shoot the incoming minions of hell. Shoot them in the head to save bullets. Don't let them chop you! Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Friv The Damned

Short, intense, epic shooter. Kill water zombies and face a boss, the SnakeMan. Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Ultimate Cannon Strike 2

After the first full out attack, you would have thought that most of the countries you dominated would of had enough, but oh no, you must go out and show the world that nobody m...

Friv Turret Head

Your army has landed and must advance. You are the first line of defence, you must shoot and kill everything in front of you to ensure victory. You have been equipped with four ...

Friv Amercian Soldier

American Soldier is a shooting 3D game where you will run in to a village infested with waves of enemies that you have to kill with your weapons. To keep advancing in the game, ...

Friv Undead Invasion

Undead Invasion is amazing game, you are in zombie zone and must survive. Play this exciting fps with fantastic 3D graphics. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Dead Zed

Shoot down zombies and manage other survivors in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Prehistoric Breaker

Prehistoric breaker. Use your catapult to break all vases through all 50 levels. Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Batman 3 - Save Gotham

The Joker is attacking Gotham and only you can stop him. Help Batman to defeat the Joker by using your aiming and shooting skills. Get all Trophies by completing the different t...

Friv The Hazardous Mission

Defeat the enemy. Beware when the boss enters the stage because the boss is very strong. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Rabbit Shooter

You're the rabbit hunter, and you've got a mission from your boss to kill all rabbits who try to run into your base. If the rabbit can reach your base, you will lose the game. U...

Friv Diamond Box

Your objective is to put all the diamonds into the box. Use the cannon to shoot diamonds and slide them into the box. Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.

Friv Skeet Mania

Skeet Mania is a fun little olympic game, where you have a shootgun to shoot at 35 targets. Increase your score to be the best! You've only got 60 seconds! Good luck. Use your k...

Friv Blue Shooter

Shoot as many targets as you can and score highest! Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Halloween Hunt

The Jack-o-Lanterns are marching out of the graveyard to scare people. It's now up to you to make sure that they don't get out of the graveyard. Shoot them all! Use your mouse t...

Friv Evil Sun

Evil sun loves greenhouse gas factory because greenhouse gases allows sun to heat harder. But ecologists will try do the best to destroy factory that spoiling air. Use your mous...

Friv Operation Guatemala

To destroy a big narcotics gang that is operating in the USA. The operation should be handled quietly with great confidence, so as not to cause a diplomatic crisis. Use your mou...

Friv Shell Shooting

Use your hunting skill to smash golden shells before they hit the ground. Destroy black shells or balloons to get more points and experience. Improve your gun and master the lea...

Friv Crazy Monkey Payback

Crazy Monkey Payback is a monkey skill game where you help a little monkey to hit as many people with a banana peel as possible. There's a minimum of hits per level that you mus...

Friv Hit the Duck

Play like you are at a fair. Shoot the ducks and reach the minimum score to pass to the next level. Get your prize depending on your performance. Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Space Missile Defense

The meteors are raining down on the planet and it is your job to shoot them out. Blast the missiles into the rushing rocks to protect mankind! Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Rubber Rubber

In many parts of West Africa and India, many kids grow up playing the Rubber band game. It's like hide and seek, or paintball in the United states. Basically kids split into dif...

Friv Easter Blast

Blast the different eggs using your cool easter cannon, the faster you do it the higher your score. Good luck! Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Sunken World

Take control of an enormous Kraken beast defending a mythical underwater nation from the invading humans. Think 'Avatar' combined with '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea'. Use your m...

Friv Let the Bullet Fly 3

The bullet is coming back to kill some more gangsters. You are the agent from a secretorganization and your mission is to wide out the gangsters on the street. Use your limited ...

Friv Alien Siege

Alien Siege is a modern space invaders style arcade shooter, in which an alien spaceship attacks Earth. It is advanced enough to make it to Earth and equipped with laser cannon ...

Friv Booger Rush 2

Your mission in this weird game is to fling and hurl your booger to your fellow nerds for no reason. Lets just say, you are doing this for fun because you can not really perform...

Friv Soccer KnockDown

Knock out all images from the screen with your trusty slingshot and soccer balls. Go through 18 challenging levels that will require strong nerves and steady hand. Use your mou...

Friv Eat My Nuts

The squirrels are hungry and they want your nuts. Do not be greedy and do not be shy! Share your nuts to the poor rodents and make them happy. Let them chew it! Let them taste y...

Friv Blast The Skulls

The Halloween season is already near! Are you ready to face some creepy creatures and scary monsters? Do not be scared! Man up and fight off these malevolent forces! Blast those...

Friv Fantasy Hunt: Gloomy Nights

Your fantasy is in danger! Evil monsters, which are spreading in your dreams, prepare you some nightmares. Choose your favourite level, if it's unlocked, and shoot down all the ...

Friv Happy Twin

These twins want the perfect outfit but each of them absolutely wants their own identity. Make your choice and make them happy! Use your mouse to play this game.

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