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Friv The Wishing Fountain

This is a special place with the wishing fountain. Collect the items and make your wishes come true.

Friv All Hallows' Eve

Use your skills to remove all these unnecessary items.

Friv Alice's Adventures 3

Your task is to find all these items and differences on your way to the magic land.

Friv Foggy Day

It's a foggy day in this very quiet and lonely place. Look around and find hidden items.

Friv Spooky House 2

Step again into the spooky house. Explore this place and collect all items.

Friv Far North

Take a trip to the north into the nice small village...

Friv Ghost Town Mystery

Collect useful clues that will help you to unlock the mystery...

Friv Alice's Adventures 2

Follow Alice in this new adventure. Find the items and differences.

Friv Spooky House

Step into the spooky house. Explore this place to discover hidden secret.

Friv Alone in the City

You are lost and alone in this abandoned city. Find the items and solve the differences in each level.

Friv Lost Evidences 2

Search for the lost evidences and the other useful items that will help you to solve this case.

Friv My Little Room

Find all the objects that are hidden in this lovely room.

Friv Old Circus 2

Search quickly through different scenes of this beautiful game and collect all kinds of items.

Friv Old Library

Explore this large collection of library books and manuscripts.

Friv Alice's Adventures

Follow Alice through the wonderland. Collect different items on your way.

Friv House of Memories

Step into this old house to find different items from the past.

Friv Windstorm

Find and collect all these items from the list before the storm.

Friv Lost Town

Use your observing skills to find the items from the list and solve the mystery of the lost town.

Friv Small World 2

Step again into the secret small world. Take a chance to explore this place through different levels.