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Friv Bathroom Anglisht

Ky është një kuiz rreth gjuhës angleze, më saktësisht për objektet që gjenden në banjo, pra se si quhen ato objekte në gjuhen angleze. Testoni njohuritë tuaja në gjuhën angleze....

Friv The country maps quiz Lojë nga ...

The country maps quiz.DRAG EACH COUNTRY NAME TO ITS PROPER PLACE ON THE MAP.Test your knowledge about countries. rnrnrnTestoni se sa dini rreth vendeve në hartë.rnrn

Friv Indefinite

In a dystopian future, a mysterious catastrophe has devastated the world. Now the government is rounding up suspects, and you're one of them.You have a few seconds to answer eac...

Friv Introduction to Biology Quiz abo...

This is a quiz from Biology respectively Introduction in Biology . The quiz contains 10 questions, each question has four options with only one option is correct. Test your know...

Friv Cell Structure and Function

Test your knowledge of human and plant cell structure and function, answer the following questions.rnrnrnAnswer the following questions.

Friv Animal past incarnations

Test yourself and find out what pet you might be most likely in one of the last reincarnation.

Friv Are you attractive?

Simple quiz for girl. Test yourself.

Friv Body quiz Language

Do not be blind to the hidden body language signals. Test Yourself!

Friv Successful Quiz Relationship

A simple quiz for girls, where you will learn how to look good relationship between you and him.


Check that you are a true retro-player!

Friv Guess the Car: Supercars

Check how good you know cars. Here are 30 amazing supercars, can you name them by only looking at photos? Do your best and top the leaderboard. Every car has 4 images, only firs...

Friv Justin Bieber Fan Quiz

There are a total of 20 questions in this JB quiz out of which, 10 random questions will be displayed. Play more to find out all the questions! Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Are you a nikki or babs?

Who said opposites attracts? Nikki & Babs go together like oil and water, stripes and plaid, pink and red...they don't! Which teen are you most like? Use your mouse to play ...

Friv Hannah Montana Trivia

Hannah Montana Trivia will challenge your knowledge about Hannah Montana, who she really is and beyond! Use your mouse to play this game.

Friv Leaders Quiz

Friends! Do you have good general knowledge? Let's check with our game "Leaders Quiz". In this game your task is to find the correct answer for the given question. The questions...