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Friv Sonic Xtreme Bike

Welcome to Sonic World. This time sonic and his friends is riding bike on the way home.The sonic land is full of rock,hill,and crappy road, therefore, it is extreme difficult to...

Friv Atv Velocity Driver 3D

Drive your ATV in the desert at high speeds trying not to hit the cactus. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Sonic ATV in Mario Land

Sonic is lost in mario land. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Super Sonic Ski

Help Sonic glide through the water, avoid obstacles, and collect rings to score points. Have fun! Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Sonic Ride 2

Bang on! Sonic Ride is back with more exciting and thrilling adventurous ride. Have fun and collect the coins without falling down. Watch out, path is not straight, so be carefu...

Friv Sonic Xtreme Truck

Sonic is riding a truck to collect the rings across the island. He will have to drive the truck on narrow and cracked roads on the island. At some point, Sonic may even have to ...

Friv Sonic Saves Mario

Mario is drunk. Help sonic drive his friend mario to his home. Drive carefully and collect stars to score points. You have three chance to complete each level. Have fun! Use you...

Friv Sonic Bike Adventure

Help Sonic pass the ten levels and eat collect coins,drive safety Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Sonic The Hedgehog Biker

Welcome to the colourful world of Sonic Hedgehog! This crazy bike game takes you thru his epic world, in this Sonic game you need to drive across a bumpy landscape and you can f...

Friv Sonic Snow Escape

Drive your favorite sonic in ice land and escape through the way. Find and Shoot your enemies on your way to score points. Check the damage meter on top of the game otherwise yo...

Friv Sonic Thunder Ride

Amy want's a ride and sonic has to take her to a ride around the thunder hill's and green-hills, don't let sonic fall from bike, help sonic to give Amy a lovely ride around the ...

Friv Sonic Stars Race 2

Sonic and friends are back! Race in classic Sonic surroundings and try to win all the races. You can freeze your opponents with special laser ray. Try to collect as much stars a...

Friv A Story

An adventure story that you write. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv I Want More GEMS!

Fun, little platformer game. Run, jump, collect gems and stay away from the enemies. Use your keyboard to play this game.

Friv Sonic Vs Dogs

Help this little sonic to reach his home within the time limit and collect all the gems on the way to earn more score. Use the red coin on the way to hide dogs for few seconds. ...

Friv Super Sonic Runner

Your task is to guide the super sonic to reach his target. In his way there are many obstacles which kill him, you need to escape him from that obstacles else it will kill the s...