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Friv Ju-on House Mysteries

In this game, you’re stuck in a mystery ghost house. Try to solve the mysteries of Ju-on and escape from the scary place alive. Good Luck & have fun!

Friv Abandoned Mental Hospital Escape

Abandoned Mental Hospital Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Crazy Escape Games. You are stuck in an abandoned mental hospital. Before your mind tur...

Friv Shape Avoider

Avoid waves of enemies and bosses! Collect stars to purchase speed, size, and health upgrades. Stay alive for as many waves as possible!

Friv Peace Bubbles

Blow bubbles, catch bombs and planes to prevent outrage of war, beware of winds and try to enjoy peace as much as you can.Press and hold left mouse button to blow 3 types of bub...

Friv Swap Rush

Quickly swap deck cubes and catch matched color cubes. Stay focused and beat evolving rush!FEATURES:1) 2 game difficulties.2) 6 game modes.3) 14 unlockables bonus cubes.4) 28 ar...

Friv Bad Ice Cream 2

This rude dude isn’t bad to the bone, he’s bad to the cone. Help him gobble up tons of tasty treats.

Friv Steamlands

When pirates in steam tanks roam the lands, a mercenary commander must venture forth to save the day...

Friv Sweet Candies: the Second Story

This is a switcher game with a twist! Match the candy to remove the brown blocks.

Friv Infernal Mess

The zombie apocalypse is in full effect. Can you make it through this gigantic mess alive?

Friv Naruto Ninja World Storm 2

Naruto and his friends are getting ready for another series of epic battles. Care to join them?

Friv Space Rescue Puzzle

All of these icky aliens are really starting to pile up. Maybe you could blast them to smithereens?

Friv Drop Wizard

It’s magic versus bunnies in this enchanted world. Which side will come out on top?

Friv Level Editor 4

This stick figure is exploring the Wild West. Could you help him make it back home in one piece?

Friv Rawr Doggy

This puffy pooch likes to keep it raw. Can you help him find a fresh new look?

Friv Blast RPG

How far can you launch your knight in shining armour? Slay the bats along the way and reach your goal!

Friv Cave Fruits Adventures

Travel back in time and find out if you can match up all of these positively prehistoric treats.

Friv Pazuru

Can you direct this beam to the right spot by shifting these barriers? It’s trickier than it looks...

Friv Trinitas

A magical world and a fearsome series of foes await you in this tower defense game.

Friv Castle Kaboom

Making castles go kablooey isn’t easy but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Friv Swindler 2

The high-flying thief is back in action. Join him as he stages his next round of capers.

Friv Avalanche

Jump on your sledge and race through the snowy levels to reunite the penguin with his family!

Friv Apple Shooter

Shooting an apple off someone's head is very dangerous. Don’t try it at home. Try it in this game instead!

Friv ICS

This scientist and sunlight don’t get along. Can you help him reach safety without literally burning up?

Friv Colourblind

Pass the colored checkpoints to unlock tools and set pieces in this platform game with a colorful twist!

Friv Rickshaw City

Get ready for a whole new racing experience. How fast will it take you to reach the finish line?

Friv Lovely Blossom Couple

This couple wants to look great for their first dance together. What should they wear?

Friv Super Snotput

How far can you flick the snot? Dig deep and see if you can beat your personal best!

Friv It's A Witch Thing: Birthday

Sylvia has a very special birthday wish. Can you help this witch make it come true?

Friv It's a Witch Thing: Wedding Bell...

Can you help transform the princess in time for her wedding in this magical hidden object game?

Friv Gunbrick

Use your gun to shoot your way through the maze, navigating your brick through each of the tricky puzzles!

Friv Coil

Join this cool coil while he travels through a strange world in this old-school adventure.

Friv Fantasy Bunny

Here’s a rabbit that likes to look her best. What should she wear today? Maybe a dress? What about a hat?

Friv Submolok

Dive into a mysterious world and uncover its wonders with this strange explorer.

Friv Busman Parking

Can you reverse park your bus into each of the bays? It’s not easy when you have such a long vehicle

Friv Dead Paradise 4

It’s your task to save the world from a mysterious underground lab. Use your vehicle to shoot the mutants!

Friv Monster Wheels 2

Monster Wheels is back! Race to the finish line pulling tricks that leave your opponents choking on your dust.

Friv Pharao Treasures

Dive into the mysterious sands of Egypt with this enchanting puzzle game.

Friv Crazy Girl Attack

Commotion occurred at a giant concert, the visitors are hysterical. Don't let the madness girls destroy the stage, make them all happy!rnrnMove mouse to edge of screen to scroll...

Friv Juicy Fruit Match

This is a connecting plus match 3 game where you can connect identical fruits (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally) . Just click the fruit to start match and roll over the ...

Friv 3D Horse Racing

3D Horse Racing. Race Your Horse Collecting Blue and Green Flags. Penalties Added For Riding on Grass Verges and Hitting Fences. How Fast Can You Complete Circuit? 7 Dashboard ...

Friv Kawaii Pro Memory

Kawaii Pro Memory is a skill based Memory game. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards co...

Friv Fruit Defense 5

Defend your land from the crazy jumping pest invasions! You have so many thing since the beginning, use more than 60 cool items, fruit troops, farming tools, minions, weather co...

Friv Ultimate Army 5

Expand your territory, conquer gold mine, tower defense and unleash super jet in this strategy warfare game!rnrnClick your base/tower then click enemy base/tower, press and hold...

Friv Micro Ski 3D

A simple 3D ski game. Play with arrow keys.Increase speed with the UP arrow, slow down with the DOWN arrow. LEFT and RIGHT to move to the sides. Pass through checkpoints, collec...

Friv Ultimate Skeleton Runner

Ultimate Skeleton Runner is a combination of flying distance game and action shooter game, control a giant dragon ridden by a robot and blast all enemies with your guns and weap...

Friv Funky Billiard

Funky Billiard - Fun billiard style flash game. You need to sink all red balls to win the game. The white ball must stay on the table. 5 levels in this game.

Friv Donatosaur 2

Feed hungry adorable monster named Donatosaur. He likes candies but the thing he likes the most is a sweet yumy Donut!

Friv 3D Icecream Van Racing

3D Icecream Van Racing. Complete Your Icecream Round Avoiding Milk Bottles and Collecting Blue and Red Flags. Penalties Added For Riding on Grass Verges and Hitting Milk Bottles...

Friv Insects Match Deluxe

Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of INSECTS next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match.To win a level clear all blocks to final laye...

Friv Bigger or Smaller

Bigger or Smaller - Fun guessing flash game. You need to guess if the next symbol on the image will be bigger or smaller than the previus one. The biggest symbol in this game is...

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