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Friv Fold

Run. Jump. Bend gravity to your will.Dizzying heights and insurmountable slopes are no problem with the Gravitational Manifold Anomaly Device.This is the full, super-fun-happy v...

Friv Gravitee

Gravitee is golf in space, using real world Newtonian Physics. A quick tutorial mode will help you learn the basics, but only the most skilled will unlock the 20+ bonuses throug...

Friv Notessimo

Create your own music in this unique flash game that feature a friendly user interface similar to the classic game Mario Paint ! Check out the BETA ! Choose from more ...

Friv N3wton

Maneuver your character through 25 puzzle filled levels.Update: Hopefully I’ve fixed a few problems with people not getting their badges. Unfortunately this caused any o...

Friv Fast Numbers

Fast Numbers is a new highscores Math game in which you will practice 4 mathematical operations in an entertaining and challenging way! The game includes addition, subtracti...

Friv Pasture Panic!

Use cursor keys to steer the sheep.Discover and try to catch some extras.Compete on highest score and number of wolves!

Friv Cartoon Candy

Different smiling symbols that are either heart-shaped, start shaped, rounded and much more are placed on the board in a colorful setting. Their mystery of various possible matc...

Friv Super Sky Climber Unlimited

Today's cities aren't what they used to be. Due to overpopulation and restricted lands, buildings have started to raise significantly, covering the skies with their exaggerated ...

Friv Angry Cat Hair Salon

Angry Cat is preparing for his new TV show, let's give him a new hairstyle, decorate him with funny hat, glasses, etc.. Have fun! Mouse.

Friv Mountain Roads Jigsaw

Use the mouse to piece together three pictures of Mountain Roads. Keyboard and Mouse.

Friv Mind the Blox Hey Hey Hero

Mind the Blox special version. The mission of the game is to get the keys lined up at the bottom and keep the tiny monsters from reaching the top. Various special bloxes will he...

Friv Mind the Blox

Mind the Blox is a match 2 puzzle game. The mission of the game is to get the keys lined up at the bottom and keep the tiny monsters from reaching the top. Various special bloxe...

Friv Sheriff of Tombstone

Get your things, cover your tracks and get out of Tombstone before the sheriff catches you. Mouse

Friv Ice Planet

Your mission is to find the hidden objects and differences. Mouse

Friv Namibia Jigsaw

Use the mouse to piece together three great pictures of Namibia in 5 shape cuts and sizes. Mouse

Friv Makeup Kit Memory

Makeup Kit Memory Game. There are eight different levels of play. Play all these levels and enjoy all the levels.This season play this wonderful puzzle game.There are di...

Friv Valentines Love Connection

This is a Valentines Day theme connect identical items Board Game. In this game you need to clear the board by connecting identical item pairs. Each time you connect 2 items the...

Friv Hit Upon the Change

This is a skill based puzzle game in which you need to find a change existing between 2 boards. The first board shows you some photos; the second one is the copy of the first. I...

Friv Casino Cake Slots

SL Cake Slots Game - Spinning Reels, Random Lighted Holds. Match 3 Cakes or Doughnuts across the Middle Line to Win. Funky Awesome Soundtrack. Strawberry and Blueberry Cakes = 2...

Friv E.T. Escapes the Galactic Gravey...

You have arrived at a graveyard of spaceships orbiting twin pulsars. You're searching for a lost artifact of ancient Earth. Gravitational pulses in the area prevent your scanner...

Friv Sprout

A storybook adventure staring a tiny seed pod. Journey from your tiny island home to the lush forests of your dreams; explore the hand-drawn landscape and meet some interesting ...

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